Application Forms

A downloadable membership application form for the new club year is available here, or instructions for registering online are below.

A tractor key tag application form is available here. If you have not completed a tractor safety course with us you MUST complete one before you drive a tractor on a public beach or parking area.  Failing to do so will render you liable to prosecution. The launch and retrieve video at is required viewing if you have never used a club tractor, and recommended for anyone who launches using a tractor.

Handing over a tractor key to someone who has not completed a tractor safety course will result in removal of your key rights.

Apply online

Below are 3 simple steps to create your membership account on this website.

  1. Review our membership levels and select a level.
  2. You will be taken to a “Membership Checkout” page. This page asks you to provide basic profile information, including your name, desired username, email address, a password.
  3. If the selected membership level has a fee, you will also be asked to enter payment information in order to complete your membership subscription. Your access will not be confirmed until a successful subscription payment has been received.