Using the Tractors

The Club, with volunteer labour, provides at least one tractor for the use of members who have paid an annual fee for a tagged key which can unlock the starter switch (and lock it again when the member has launched/retrieved their boat).

This launch and retrieve video at is required viewing if you have never used a club tractor, and recommended for anyone who launches using a tractor.

The tractor should be washed down and returned to the tractor shed if no other user wishes to use it.

The tractors cost a considerable amount to maintain.  A single member taking a tractor deep enough in the sea to get water on the crankshaft pulley can be responsible for a $10,000 account for replacing the alternator, starter motor and clutch as salt water reaches places impossible to wash out.  Each member signs an agreement which allows the club to bill them if they are found responsible for such carelessness.

The tractor agreement to be signed by a boat owner is here.